What Flowers are Used for Wreaths?

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What Flowers are Used for Wreaths? – There’s nothing like a wreath to bring some life and color into your home, especially during the fall and winter months.

They’re great for adding a pop of color and scent to your front door or as a centerpiece on your dining room table.

Wreaths are a beautiful way to decorate your home. They can be made from many different types of flowers and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Wreaths are a great way to bring some beauty into your life, no matter what the season is or where you live. You can use them year-round as an accent piece for any room in the house and there’s no need to put them away when winter rolls around because wreaths can also be used outdoors!

Some people even hang their wreaths on the walls! However you choose to decorate with flowers this fall and winter, here are some of my favorite options:

What Flowers are Used for Wreaths?


Hydrangea is a flower that is popular for wreaths. You can use hydrangeas to make a small or large wreath.

The most common way to use hydrangeas in a wreath is by themselves, but they can also be combined with other materials like ribbons and greenery.

Hydrangea wreaths are easy to make because they’re preserved, so you don’t have to worry about them dying after you put them up.


Peonies are a popular choice for wreaths. They have long, beautiful blooms that will last for weeks and are easy to grow. Peonies are also affordable!

peonies wreaths for front door

If you’re looking for a flower that will help you create an eye-catching wreath, consider using peonies.


Carnations are a popular choice for wreaths. They can be used to make one large flower, or small bunches of flowers.

Carnations wreaths for front door
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You can make the stems thick and strong by putting them in a vase with water and then tying them together with string or wire that matches your color scheme.

Carnations wreaths for fall and winter

This will give you a long-lasting flower bouquet that will last up to 6 weeks. If you want something less permanent, try making a garland out of carnations and hanging it around the house as decoration!

Gerbera daisies

Gerbera daisies are a beautiful flower that many people like to use for wreaths.

These flowers grow well in many climates, making them an excellent choice for any gardener looking for something colorful and fresh.

Gerbera daisies wreaths for front door

Gerbera daisies are also easy to grow from seeds, which makes it possible to have your own gerberas without needing to purchase them from a nursery or other store.

Gerbera daisies wreaths for fall and winter
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Growing your own plants can save you money and allow you to enjoy the colors of the flowers longer than if they were purchased at a store or garden center.


Lilies are a common flower used in wreaths. They have a beautiful aroma and are a symbol of purity and innocence.

Lilies wreaths for front door

The lily was also associated with the Virgin Mary because of its white color, which represents her purity.


Roses are a common flower used to make wreaths. Roses come in many colors, including red, pink, white and yellow.

Pink Roses wreaths for front door

They’re also a symbol of love and romance! Many people choose to give roses on Valentine’s Day as gifts because they mean so much to so many people.

White Roses wreaths for front door

In addition to being beautiful flowers which can be displayed year-round in vases indoors or outdoors throughout the summer months (depending on how cold your climate gets), roses have many other uses outside their traditional use as an ornamental plant or decorative bouquet.

Lemon and Roses wreaths for front door
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You can make rose petal jam or tea from rose petals instead of throwing them away after cutting your own stems for bouquets or arrangements!


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