20 Inspiring White Pumpkin Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

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20 Inspiring White Pumpkin Wedding Centerpieces Ideas – Whether it’s your wedding or a friend’s, there are so many ways to make an ordinary table into an extraordinary one.

Adding a few simple touches can turn any wedding centerpieces into something special.

In this post, I’ll show you how easy it is to add white pumpkins and some pinecones to your table decorations.

In just a few minutes, you can transform the way guests see your table and make their meal even more enjoyable!

20 Inspiring White Pumpkin Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

White pumpkins decorating your wedding table

If you’re looking for a seasonal way to decorate your wedding table, white pumpkins are an excellent choice. In the fall, they look especially beautiful when surrounded by orange and yellow leaves.

White pumpkins are also great for the bridal table because they coordinate well with both the bride’s dress and her bouquet of flowers.

If you’re planning an autumn wedding, white pumpkins are an excellent choice!

They look amazing when paired with orange or yellow fall foliage, which can be used as decoration throughout the venue (and even on your cake).

Romantic white pumpkins for a fall wedding

White pumpkins are a great way to add romance and elegance to your wedding table. When thinking about white pumpkins for fall weddings, think romantic!

White pumpkins are the perfect fall wedding color for a couple looking for something soft, delicate and natural.

They’re also an excellent option if you’re planning an outdoor wedding as they’re easy to find and transport, as well as easy on the environment.

White pumpkins for an autumn wedding

If you’re looking for a unique fall centerpiece or table decoration, consider using white pumpkins.

They’re easy to find at local grocery stores and are much more affordable than the traditional autumn flowers. The best part is that they’re just as easy to decorate!

The best part about these pumpkin centerpieces is that they can be used at any time of year, not just during autumn weddings!

If you like the look but don’t want it to be too “pumpkin spice” themed, try pairing them with a neutral color scheme instead of orange/yellow hues if that’s more suitable for your wedding day.

White pumpkins for the bridal table

White pumpkins are a great way to add some color to the bridal table. They can be used as centerpieces or simply as decorations for your wedding tables.

White pumpkins will make your bridal table stand out from other tables and make it pop!

White pumpkins nestled among pinecones

Start with a few white pumpkins, which you can pick up at any garden center or pumpkin patch.

Nestle them among pinecones and candles on your table. Add a vase of flowers in the center of your centerpiece for an extra pop of color.

The bride holding a white pumpkin bouquet on her wedding day

White pumpkins are popular choices for wedding flowers, as they symbolize fertility and prosperity.

In addition to their natural beauty, white pumpkins can be used to decorate the bridal table with a variety of arrangements.

For example, one could use several large white pumpkins in a vase or arrange them around the edges of the table in order to create an elegant centerpiece.

Another option would be to cut open some small white pumpkins and fill them with gold glitter and place these at each setting on your wedding day (this will not only add sparkle but also make it easier for guests to find their way through dinner).

If you wanted something simpler yet still striking, consider using smaller white pumpkins as votive candle holders throughout your venue – they look especially lovely when set underneath twinkle lights!

Guests dining at a table decorated with white pumpkins

The white pumpkin centerpiece is an easy way to decorate any table.

It’s also a great alternative when flowers are not an option, such as at a beach wedding or poolside reception.

The white pumpkin is beautiful on its own, but can also be used in combination with other seasonal decorations like pine cones and berries to create a more rustic look.

The white pumpkin centerpiece would be a fantastic addition to any fall wedding!

Tall white pumpkin centerpieces for an elegant wedding

White pumpkins are a gorgeous alternative to more traditional fall centerpieces.

If you’re looking for something simple, try placing a tall white pumpkin in a vase or basket.

For an elegant wedding, try using a tall white pumpkin on its own—either by placing it on top of an antique pedestal or simply resting it on a plate.

If you’re hosting an autumn-themed party (or are just in love with the color white), these tips will help you create stunning fall decor that’s sure to impress your guests!

Simple touches like these can make your wedding decor more special

White pumpkins are a great way to add color and texture to your wedding table decor.

You can use them as centerpieces or scatter them throughout the room as favors.

A few tips on how to incorporate white pumpkins into your wedding:

  • Use white pumpkins to decorate the bridal table by placing them in mason jars, vases and other containers.
  • Scatter white pumpkins on top of white linens for an elegant look that’s perfect for fall weddings.
  • Place a few large white pumpkin centerpieces on either side of each guestbook with votives in between them for a romantic setting at dusk during the ceremony or reception (and take pictures).


These simple touches can turn your wedding decor into something more special.

If you’re planning a fall wedding, why not try white pumpkins? They’re beautiful and will add a romantic touch to your table!

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