15 Lovely Summer Wedding Guest Dresses Ideas

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15 Lovely Summer Wedding Guest Dresses Ideas – For some, summer is the best time of year for a wedding.

The weather is warm and sunny, which means you can wear those bright summer colors without shivering in the cold. But don’t worry: these dresses aren’t just for brides-to-be!

If you’re attending a friend or family member’s wedding this season, we’ve got all the details on what to wear and why it’ll look great in photos (and make you look great).

15 Lovely Summer Wedding Guest Dresses Ideas

Summer is the season for weddings.

Summer is the season for weddings. It’s easy to see why: The weather is gorgeous, flowers are reaching their peak, and you can take your vows on the beach in a lovely dress that will look great in photos.

But there’s more to it than that—summer weddings are popular because of all the things that come with them!

For instance, if you’re getting married outside at night during this time of year (and who wouldn’t want that?), then there will be plenty of stars overhead for sparkly lighting.

Or maybe your venue is near a lake or river where you can have bonfire candles scattered everywhere? And if those aren’t options for your big day? A simple tent will do just fine!

And don’t forget about other fun things like…

Dress by color.

Color is another way to get dressed for the occasion. If you’re attending a summer wedding, you’ll want to follow the season’s color trends.

Pastels and neutrals work well for daytime weddings, while jewel tones are best for evening events.

For example, if you’re looking for something that will bring out your eyes, consider wearing a light blue dress with an orange purse or shoes.

These two colors contrast nicely with one another and make your skin look radiant.

If you’re interested in trying something new but don’t know where to start (or if you just want more information on how different clothes can complement your skin tone), our blog post on choosing the right color scheme should prove helpful!

Find the perfect accessories to complement your dress.

You’ve chosen a dress that matches your style and is flattering to your figure, but it’s not done just yet.

You need to find accessories that will complement the look of your wedding gown. This can be a little tricky if you’re not sure where to start, but here are some tips:

  • Try to match the color of your accessories with the color of your dress. If you’re wearing white or ivory, try matching silver or gold jewelry pieces instead of black ones (unless they’re also made from white gold). If you have a darker colored dress (like burgundy or navy), try matching cords in those colors instead of bright shades like red or yellow.
  • Match the style of accessories with what’s on trend for this season—but don’t go overboard! For example, if you have a simple pleated chiffon skirt from Forever 21 paired with an embroidered bodice from ASOS Curve (whoa!), then maybe something more understated would be better suited for this ensemble than big earrings or statement necklaces with crystals dangly off them like there’s no tomorrow!

You don’t need to be a bride to make a statement.

It’s summer, which means it’s time to get out of your comfort zone.

Whether you’re attending a wedding or simply looking for something fun to wear for a night on the town, this season is all about making a bold statement in your dress selection.

While it might seem like being the most beautiful bride-to-be at a wedding would be an easy task, there are so many other ways to stand out from the crowd while still looking elegant and chic.

You don’t need to be the bride of honor to make an impact when you walk into any room; just wear something that makes you feel confident and comfortable with yourself.

Take advantage of some of this year’s most popular summer wedding dress trends.

  • Floral prints. This season’s floral print dresses are a breath of fresh air, offering a modern take on the traditional wedding look. Pick a tiered dress, or one with a flirty skirt that gives you an hourglass shape and shows off your legs.
  • Peplum skirts. Peplum is the new lace; this style accentuates your neck and waist while giving you an elegant silhouette that works for both day and evening weddings.
  • Short dresses (not mini!). Summer weddings are all about showing off your legs, so opt for a short cocktail-length dress in bright colors or white if you want to stand out from the crowd—and don’t forget to buy high heels to go with it!
  • Bright colors and even bolder patterns like stripes or polka dots will help you stand out as well as show off your personality when choosing what to wear on that special day!

Add some flair with bold patterns and prints.

With so many options available, if you want to make a statement at your summer wedding, don’t be afraid to try something new.

From bold patterns and prints to eye-catching colors, there are lots of ways you can add some flair with your bridesmaid dress.

Whether you’re looking for something simple or something more adventurous, there’s something for everyone on this list of the best options!

Don’t let the heat get you down, these summer wedding styles will keep you looking cool.

When you’re trying on dresses, don’t let a dress that makes you feel uncomfortable be the one that sticks out in your mind.

You should love how it looks on you and feel comfortable in it. If there’s something about a dress that just doesn’t work for your body type or style, then don’t choose it just because it’s cute—choose what works best for your body type and style!

If this is your first time attending a wedding as a guest, try not to be nervous about what other people will think of the dress choice you’ve made; after all, it’s not like everyone else will be judging each other’s outfits!

They’ll probably focus more on having fun with their friends and family than worrying about how everyone else looks at them (so take some advice from us: don’t forget to have fun!).

As far as accessories go? We’d recommend keeping them simple so they don’t distract from the overall look of the outfit—for example: instead of wearing lots of jewelry (which can sometimes make someone look overdone), try adding just one statement piece into your ensemble like earrings or necklaces but nothing too flashy!


Summer is the season for weddings and it’s an exciting time for anyone who has the honor of attending one.

Whether you’re a bride or just a guest, there are many different styles to choose from when it comes to choosing your outfit for this special occasion.

With these tips in mind, we hope that you’ll be able to find that perfect summer wedding guest dresses that will make any bride feel like a princess on her big day!



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