Funny Questions To Ask A Bride About Her Groom

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Are you obsessed with a certain flower. – What is the grooms guilty pleasure.

Ten Questions About The Soon To Be Bride And Groom Wedding Bridal Shower Question Game Funny Baby Shower Games Modern Baby Shower Games

11012021 Funny Bride And Groom Trivia Questions.

Funny questions to ask a bride about her groom. This game will result in a fun and informative. If she gets it right give her a piece of chocolate or a gift card. Does the groom plan to put the seat down.

What is his choice beach or mountains. This is my favorite one 8. Where was your first kiss.

What is her favorite superhero. Groom Questions for Bridal Shower Fun Games for Your Bridal Shower. Why not turn it into a hen party drinking game.

25022015 If your groombride could be compared to a cereal what would it be. Ask these questions about the Bride and Groom to their guests to put a smile on their faces. Whats her least-favorite word.

Who really wears the pants in the relationship. What colors do you gravitate toward. Another form has the bride competing against the rest of the party guests in answering questions about her bridegroom.

– What habit of the grooms is most annoying to the bride. 16112017 The questions to ask yourself. 16022017 Here are the bachelorette party questions to ask both the bride-to-be and her fianc.

He won 1 million. How many times does the groom fart a day. Here is a list of questions you should consider asking them for the bridal shower question game to get some laughs going.

What is her biggest pet peeve. 15032011 Ask the bride the first question. Kick-off your party with some offbeat game questions for a bridal shower or wedding reception party and spread some laughter here.

You want the night to be fun and full of energy and laughter. 23012021 First choose around 20-25 questions about the bride and groom from their likes to their dislikes and ask the grooms questions to the bride and vice versa. One version of the game has party members answering questions about the bride and groom.

Who is the most important person for her after you. 14092020 Questions to ask the groom about the bride. Where did you two first meet.

What is his favorite meal that the bride has made. A bachelorette question game can be played in a variety of ways. Who is the better driver.

– What did you do on your first date. 06032018 After taking the quiz the bride reveals her answers. What was the first thing you noticed about her.

Here were the best Bridal Shower Trivia questions for the bride and the groom. The highest score wins and you can give out prizes to the people with the most points. And the answer is the groom they should both hold up the grooms shoes.

Whats her favorite ice cream flavor. For every question she gets wrong she has to down a shot. The person who answers the most questions correctly wins.

To lighten up the party what could be a more exciting way than with some funny trivia questions. 19012013 Read on to learn 20 must ask funny bridal shower trivia questions. What is one thing that you do that annoys her the most.

What is the wildest place they have ever made whoopie. Continue reading below You could even record the groom answering the questions and play it back after the bride has answered to see whether shes correct. 16082019 When you are planning your Mr and Mrs Quiz game think about what the bride is like which questions would give the funniest answers and what she would enjoy.

02092011 – What is the grooms favorite physical feature about the bride. Who is your celebrity crush. – What does the groom think is the brides guilty pleasure.

How old is his oldest pair of underwear. What was the worst meal. What family heirloom would you cherish carrying on your day.

When did you first say I love you. What movie or tv character matches her personality the most. First the bridal party has to pull together to poll the brides future partner prior to the shower.

How many children does she want. What was the last thing you two argued about. Here are some wedding and bridal trivia quiz questions that you should include Fun Personal Trivia Questions for Wedding Shower Game.

01032018 Here are the newlywed game questions to ask the bride and the groom. Fruit Loops Lucky Charms Special K Cheerios or Cocoa Puffs. What is her biggest celebrity crush.

What is the silliest thing you have ever argued about. What is her favorite color. What was the bitterest part of her past.

If she gets it wrong give her a piece of gum and make sure she puts it in her mouth. 13012015 During the game a series of questions are asked and the answer is either the bride. What is the brides shoe size.

Continue asking questions until they have all been exhausted. The bride and groom answer by holding up the shoe of the correct answer. What is the brides favorite pizza topping.

Who spends more time tending to. Who is that ex whom she still talks as a friend. 09072019 Start with these 54 groom questions for bridal shower and build from there.

Dont ask the sex questions or the whole party could get awkward. Who is her celebrity doppelganger lookalike. – What does the groom think is the brides favorite physical feature on him.

Will he take out the garbage. What would be her choice makeup or chocolates. Theres a handful of games youve picked out that are easy to plan but you found one that requires you to ask questions of the groom.

For instance if the question was Who usually cooks breakfast. Would he ever sacrifice his dreams for you. Questions to Ask the Groom.

17062020 What is the brides pet peeve. What does she find most attractive about you. Whats the first thing she buysspends it on.

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