Bride Natural Wedding Makeup : Step by Step

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Bride Natural Wedding Makeup : Step by Step – The wedding day is one of the most important days in any girl’s life. You want to look your best on this day, and that includes having a perfect makeup.

If you are not used to wearing makeup or don’t know how to do it yourself, it’s better to hire a professional.

There are many makeup artists who offer their services for weddings, so you can choose from them and find the best one for your needs.

Bride Natural Wedding Makeup Step by Step

Natural wedding makeup

Natural makeup is the most popular wedding makeup. It’s also the best for your skin and allows you to look like yourself, but with a little extra something special.

You don’t have to wear a lot of makeup, but you can still look beautiful. Natural wedding make-up is perfect for brides who want their wedding day look to be natural, but with a little bit of extra definition (either through contouring or highlighting).

This style is often referred to as “no-makeup” or “natural” because it doesn’t rely on heavy foundation or dramatic shading techniques like contouring or highlighting.

Instead, this style uses blush and sometimes bronzer to enhance your natural features while also looking subtle enough that you won’t feel overdone while still looking beautiful!

Open the pores of the skin.

To start, you’ll want to open the pores of your skin. This step is important because it will allow you to achieve a smooth base for your foundation and also because it helps prevent any breakouts that might occur.

There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Use a gentle cleanser and then splash some toner on there. This will be especially helpful if you have oily skin, as it will help remove excess oil from your face.
  • Apply moisturizer after you rinse off the cleanser/toner combo.
  • Mask up! Masks are one of my favorite things in life because they give me instant gratification by making my skin feel amazing while also adding moisture back into my face (which tends to get dry during winter). In addition to buying masks at Sephora or Ulta, I like to make my own because it allows me more control over what goes into them (no parabens!). You can find recipes online or just use whatever ingredients are lying around in your kitchen—the options are endless! The key here is not only using something on top of a clean canvas but also making sure that said canvas stays clean throughout the rest of this process so as not hinder results later on down the line.

Cover imperfections.

You can also use a foundation that’s a few shades lighter than your skin tone to cover imperfections.

Blend on a sponge first, then use an eyeshadow brush or blending brush to apply the foundation in circular motions to cover blemishes.

For example, if you have acne scars on your forehead, apply the makeup underneath them and blend outwards so it blends into the surrounding skin colour.

Apply primer.

Primer is a special type of makeup that smooths out your skin and helps make it look more even. It will help your foundation last longer and also make it look more natural.

If you’re having a long day, primer is also great for helping your face from getting oily too quickly. You can even use primer on other parts of your body such as hands, neck and chest to keep them looking young!

Choose natural colors for eye makeup.

When it comes to eye makeup, you can find a natural look by choosing colors that are light, neutral and dark.

This will give your eyes a more natural look without too much contrast in color.

If you have darker skin tones, go for a light shade of brown or grey eye shadow with a matte finish.

For lighter skin tones, choose lilac or mauve colored shadows with shimmery finishes.

Use a darker shade of black/brown liner on the top lid only as this will make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

Use false eyelashes.

If you want an extra lift for your eyes, false eyelashes are the way to go. You can buy them at a drugstore or online and apply them yourself.

Just be sure to trim them down so that they don’t stick out past your natural lash line—but not so far as to touch your eyebrows!

Once you’ve applied the adhesive, place both lashes on top of each other with a small amount of space in between:

False eyelashes aren’t just for special occasions though; they’re also great everyday wear if you have small eyes or sparse lashes!

To remove false lashes after use, soak a cotton ball (or two) in makeup remover and carefully remove them by pulling downward while keeping eye closed tight. This will prevent any accidental pulling or tears from happening!

Highlight the eyebrows.

The next step is to highlight the eyebrows with a soft eyeshadow brush and light powder. A pinkish tone is ideal, as it will look natural while still giving your face some definition.

Use a light hand when applying, and start by applying the powder to the upper part of your brows first, then working your way down toward their ends.

Your goal is to make them look like they’re glowing from within—but if you get too heavy-handed, they’ll end up looking painted-on!

The blush should be pink or peach.

For your blush, it’s best to go with a pink or peach color. You can use a brush to apply it in a circular motion from the apples of your cheeks outwards.

That way, you’ll get more coverage and blend more easily into your skin tone. Don’t be afraid of going overboard with too much blush—just remember that this will be a natural look, so don’t go too heavy-handed on the application!

Also keep in mind: avoid applying any makeup near your eyes (including eye shadow) or eyebrows; apply concealer sparingly only if necessary; and stick with mascara for eyelashes rather than eyeliner.

Opt for a matte lipstick.

A matte lipstick is your best bet for a long-lasting look. Lipsticks with more shine tend to wear off faster and can look patchy after eating or drinking.

Matte lipsticks also provide more moisture for your lips, which helps prevent dryness and chapping.

The same goes for the rest of your face: If you want to keep makeup looking fresh throughout the day, avoid powders or foundations that contain shimmer since they’ll eventually pick up on any oily areas of skin and make them even shinier than they were before (and trust us: nobody wants to be shiny).


The best advice we can give you is to go for the look that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

After all, this is your day and you should feel good about yourself on it. As long as you remember these simple tips and tricks, your makeup will be flawless!



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