The 4 Best Beach Wave Hairstyles For Medium Hair

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Beach wave hairstyles for medium hair is so popular right now. While you could certainly wear beach waves in all hair lengths, there’s a reason they’re so popular for medium hair. The perfect balance of polished and relaxed, beach waves are versatile enough to wear for work, date night, and beyond.

Still, with so many styles to choose from it can be hard to know which ones will look best on short or long hair. To make your life easier, we’ve rounded up the best beach wave hairstyles for medium hair length locks.

The 4 Best Beach Wave Hairstyles For Medium Hair

Medium Length Hairstyle with Beach Waves

Medium Length Hairstyle with Beach Waves is a hairstyle that is popular for its voluminous waves. It’s the best hairstyle for those who want to achieve a more natural look.

Medium Length Hairstyle with Beach Waves
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The beach wave hairstyle medium hair is an easy-to-do hairstyle that will give you a lot of volume and texture. The most important thing to do is to have the right cut and length of hair.

Beach Waves Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair
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For this haircut, you should go for a layered cut which has long fringes or bangs at the front and short layers on the back. You can also use some styling products like wax, mousse or gel to get your desired effect on your hair.

Medium Length Ponytail with Beach Waves

If you want a ponytail that’s both cool and casual, the beach wave is your answer. This look is easy to do at home or in the salon (with a little help from clip-in extensions). You’ll need:

  • A hair dryer
  • A curling iron of medium size (1/2 inch)
  • Hair clips or bobby pins

First, create a deep side part on one side of your head. Next, use the curling iron to curl all of the bottom half of your hair up towards the top of your head and back (like if you were making a french twist). This should be about two inches away from your scalp. Finally, wrap this section around itself into an updo at least twice for extra hold and secure with bobby pins or clips. Repeat on other side of head until finished!

Easy Medium Length Ponytail with Beach Waves
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Braided Bun with Beach Waves

Braiding your hair is a great way to make it look more voluminous, as well as a convenient way to keep your hair out of your face. If you choose to braid your waves into a bun, you should use three plaits.

Braided Bun with Beach Waves

The first one should be at the nape of the neck and the other two should come down from there on either side of your head. Once they’ve all been braided, tie them together with an elastic band just below where they begin—this will be how you keep them in place when styling (you could also use bobby pins).

Then twist each braid around itself until it forms its own rope-like shape; secure with more elastics if needed. Now that your beachy style is complete, put on your sunglasses and head outside!

Half Up Half Down with Beach Waves

Hairstyles are a way to express your personality and style. Sometimes hair can be difficult to manage, but there are many different ways to do half up or down hairstyles. There are also different ways that you can have your hair in the back of your head.

Some people like to do a side ponytail and leave their hair down in the front, while other people like to put their hair up in a high bun with some curls in it. You can also do a low ponytail with some loose pieces framing your face.

Beach wave hairstyles are the perfect balance of relaxed and polished, so we’ve rounded up the best ones for medium hair.

When it comes to beach wave hairstyles, it’s all about finding the right look for your hair type. If you have medium-length hair, that means you’ll want a style that’s easy to do and won’t take too much time to maintain.

If you’re looking for a more polished look, tutorial above shows how to achieve a flattering beach wave with minimal effort (and no heat!). The secret is in picking the right tools—when applying product at home it’s important not to overdo it or else your waves will end up looking too stiff (or worse yet—curly).


Now that you have the beach waves hairstyles for medium hair, it’s time to go get your own seaside look. These styles are perfect for a day at the beach, or even just for looking like you are!

We love all these options because they’re super easy to do and can make any outfit feel more summery. So now that we’ve shared with you some of our favorites – what are yours?

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