Easy Updos For Fine Hair Tutorial: Step by Step

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Keep reading for not just a way to pull off the Messy Bun on fine hair, but even more tips and tricks for fine hair that will help you get the easy updos for fine hair, with fewer chores. If you are worried about losing volume from your fine hair with twisty hairstyles, check out this charming twisty updo.

As far as updos go, fine hair often looks most attractive with an updo, especially if you choose to experiment with the various curly updos and unkempt braids popular nowadays. The diversity in textures when it comes to haircuts for skinny hair is absolutely stunning, especially when you can always go big on the style.

Even a subtle layered look, or a feathered finish, can give your skinny hair some much-needed oomph that is better than just one layer of hair. Hair extensions placed strategically under your crown will help add volume even with your thinning hair.

Simply tape a piece above your head at the nape, and use your curling iron to add a romantic ring. Roughly brush all the hair back from the front, then pin it back to the back of your head using a hairclip or a few bobby pins. Next, use one of your No Crease Hair Ties to pull the hair back in a ponytail, making sure you set up your ponytail to be at a height where you would like your messy bun to be.

At the final turn of the hair elastic, only pull your hair elastic through about 3/4 of the way for the creation of your bun. Repeat this on the opposite side of the hair, and then crisscross your braids over the nape of the neck and pin them into place. Pull your hair back to an elastic band around your nape of your neck, then pin the volume and texture down to your crown, placing the little donut of hair at the middle of your ponytail. Once the braid has gone over the ears and you run out of hair to add, divide all the hair into 2 sections.

Leave some straight-cut bangs, pull the hair back, and then pull the hair back in a tall ponytail just above the crown. A little smudging up the middle will give you volume throughout your entire look, while a little swishy curls that wrap around a low-bun are going to dress up the back of your head beautifully. Pull the sides of a low mess bun carefully, loosening the hair, and adjust it until you have the perfect messy look you are looking for.

If you have short hair and you are looking to get that wet look without looking like a wet dog, then brush back the strands and create some volume on the top of the head with a mousse or hairspray, just like Karlie Kloss. Before adding hairspray to your updo, use Toppik(tm) Hair Builder Fibers, the secret to the celebrity hairstylists perfect red carpet updo, as they instantly create volume in fine or skinny hair.

Here are a few more tips for easy updos for fine hair. As you keep following us, you will see I have used a lot of these tips with my daughters hair. My hair has always been very thick, and styling her hair is a bit different from me, since her hair is not quite as curly as my own. I have impossibly thick hair, but it is very thin, and because of the weight of her thin texture, I cannot get my ponytails, updos, and even clips to stay in place.

A topknot with no frizz will leave you looking even thinner, unless you leave some wavy bits free, like Karlie Kloss. A fishtail braid going down the entire crown of your head and falling into a sizeable waves is all it takes to get that full-bodied look. Whether you are going for a tall, elegant updo or a lower-cut hairstyle with a wild crown, hair accessories double down on fullness by anchoring your hair. Make your updos complex, using cross-over twists or blended twists, adding decorative strings and a subtle poof — the subtleness of your hair will not be obvious.

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