9 Cute Little Girl Crown Hairstyles Ideas

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9 Cute Little Girl Crown Hairstyles Ideas – I love little girls and I have always had so much fun playing with their hair. One of my favorite things to do is to make cute hairstyles for them, especially when they are asleep!

Here are some of the best crown hairstyles for little girls that you can try.

9 Cute Little Girl Crown Hairstyles Ideas

The little girl hairstyle crowns below show that a crown need not be difficult.

In this section, we will show you how to make a crown from your own hair. This is one of the easiest ways to make a crown because you can use any style and color of hair that you want.

Little Girl Crown Hairstyles Ideas

If you are looking for something different or just don’t have time to spend on creating your own crown, there are many options available online. There are many websites where people sell their old wigs and wigs that they have cut off from themselves so they can sell them as “crowns”.

Even if you decide to buy one of these wigs rather than creating your own, remember that this is still an easy way to create something cute with minimal effort required!

This braid is then entwined around the rest of the hair to make this amazing looking crown.

This is a very elegant and simple hairstyle that can be done on any hair length. For this look, you’ll want to start with dry hair and a little bit of product in it to keep it from fuzzing up when you’re braiding.

Vintage Little Girl Hairstyles with Flower Crown

Take your braid and twist it around the rest of your hair. Then, leave the crown loose! This will make sure it doesn’t fall out while you enjoy yourself at the party or event.

The strands on the side of the head are then braided and added to the main braid to make a crown.

  • Divide your hair into three sections.
  • Braid the middle section and make sure to secure it with a hair clip.
Elegant Braid Little Girl Hairstyles with Crown
  • Loosen the braids on each side of your head, giving them a “messy” look by letting some strands fall out from underneath the braid.
  • Bring these strands back around to meet in the front, then tie them together at the top of your head using an elastic band or rubber band. This creates an X shape—the beginning of your crown!
Flower Crown Little Girl Hairstyles Ideas
  • Braid all three parts together, making sure to secure each end with another elastic band or rubber band so that everything stays together nicely (and without any flyaways!).

The hair is then left to hang like the rest of the braids before the ends are twisted and left loose.

  • If you want to do a crown hairstyle, then you’re going to need some hair extensions. Extensions can be bought on the internet or in stores that specialize in this sort of thing. If you are using store-bought extensions, then make sure they match your natural hair color as closely as possible.
Fresh greenery little girl hairstyles with crown
source : PopSugar
  • After inserting the extensions into your hair and securing them with a ponytail holder or bobby pin, take the end of your long braid and wrap it around itself so that it creates a circle shape at its bottom end. This should be done right above where your ponytail holder is located (if you don’t have one on already).
Flower Crown for Little Girl Hairstyles
  • The rest of the braid should now be hanging down loosely from above where it was wrapped around itself. Let go of this section once more—it will unravel slightly but not come out entirely—and start twisting some strands together until they are all twisted tightly together at one end (make sure this end isn’t too tight because otherwise it will come loose easily). Then repeat this step with another small section of hair below where you started twisting; keep repeating until all sections have been twisted together tightly into one large strand with many smaller strands woven within it like branches on an oak tree!
Braids Bun Little Girl Hairstyles Ideas

These hairstyles are easy enough to do at home so you can try them yourself.

These hairstyles are so cute and easy to do, you can try them yourself! They look more elaborate than they actually are, so if you’d like to make them more elaborate, just add more braids, twists or hair. If you want the hairstyles to stand out even more, add accessories such as flowers or bows.

Little Girl hairstyles ideas with crown


We hope you were able to find some inspiration from these cute little girl hairstyles. They’re perfect for days when you want your child’s hair to look great without spending too much time on it!

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