3 Tips To Create 80S Style Bedroom Design

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For those looking to revamp their rooms with an edgy 80s style bedroom design, we are going to be sharing the main elements, as well as providing some decorating ideas for designing your own, more contemporary 1980s style. Let us look at three forgotten 1980s trends that are popular once again, and three reasons 80s decor is being adopted and celebrated.

While many of us are excited to put away carpeted bathrooms, brass fixtures, and lilac wallpapers of the 1980s, many elements of 80s interior design can be appreciated if examined through a design history lens. These colors and patterns are present throughout 1980s interior design as well, via wallpapers, textiles, and paint colors.

Another popular 80s style in furnishings was Southwest prints, often featuring mauve and teal, the color schemes favored during this period. Formica laminate was another staple of the interiors in 80s, bringing back memories of years gone by. You may be familiar with those matching chairs and desks, which are common in kitchens that have vintage-inspired furnishings.

To stay in step with fashion in this decade, add some colorful tiled backsplashes on your walls, or get some high chairs made from cherry wood. Use antique furnishings and replicas to create a 1950s-style living room, or even an entire room, with just a few design tweaks.

When going for an 80s-inspired retro indoors, include tropical prints or indoor plants. The following postmodern and mid-century interior design tips can help bring life to any space inspired by the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, or 1980s. While we are certainly seeing the return of chintz in millennial design trends, we are seeing 1980s-inspired interior design trends coming back in the form of furniture shapes and materials, geometric patterns, and 1980s-inspired color palettes.

Whether you love or loathe 1980s styles, they are coming back into style, inspiring a new generation of designers to make updated riffs on the decade that embrace some of its more memorable trends. We like to hate the 1980s, but plenty of interior design purists will argue that the 1980s were actually the last decade of real creativity and originality in design, a sentiment that is caught on.

People used to say that they loved to hate 80s styles, however, if you take a closer look, you quickly realise it was the decade of creativity and originality in the world of design, and while there were a few blooper moments, it represented a critical point in the interior design industry. Take a trip back in time with us, as we look at the house trends anyone living during the 1980s cannot help feeling a bit nostalgic about.

If you grew up during the 1980s, chances are that at least one room of your house has a wall-to-wall carpet. Most homes built during the 1980s era typically had vinyl tiles, hardwood floors, luxurious carpeting of varying shades, ranging from deep greens to powdery pinks. Looking back at 80s style bedroom design with fresh eyes, I can see how metals and pinks took cues from Art Deco escapes, and flowers and stripes took cues from Regency antiquity.

When you mix 80s flair with the elegance of Shabby Chic, you end up with something uniquely your own, creating the perfect balance of something bright and eye-catching while also being soft and neutral. In doing so, you really end up with a unique vibe, and give yourself a real trip back in time. The 80s style bedroom design is all about sparkle and light. To recreate an 80s theme in your own home, utilize elements from popular colors, patterns, designs, and pop cultures from that era.

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