10+ Sage Green Accent Wall Bedroom

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The most effective way to incorporate sage green into a bedroom is either by using sage green as your main or accent wall color in the primary room to give a stronger presence, or by downplaying it to a accent color to give a safer, more subdued appearance. Or, for a even easier shot at sage green, seek out sage-soft candles for a simple way to incorporate this color in your bedroom.

If you are looking to bring sage green accent wall into your home, but you are not looking to dramatically change your whole room, it is worth noting there are a lot of colors that can work well with the cool shade of green.

Paradoxically, vibrant colors can also make smaller spaces seem larger, so a full-on green will work just fine in a smaller room. While warm colors make for an eye-catching contrast, you cannot go wrong with bold shades of green and blue, either. If you would rather have a neutral decor scheme, but you still like the idea of going with a green bedroom, opt for softer shades of green, like sage or mossy green.

Use the green-sage color combination to your advantage, since, just like white or beige, it instantly makes a room seem a lot larger and dramatic. Think sage green paint color ideas that are a little more unexpected, such as a contrasting wall, which pairs the bottom half of a white or beige wall with the upper half of a sage green painted wall, which instantly increases ceiling height.

This idea works best for your bedrooms painted walls, but painting just one accent wall could also work, though it would not have quite the same impact. In a smaller room, like your bedroom, you could even paint your ceiling in the same color as your walls, making the smaller room appear larger.

For example, you could paint a wainscoting, shiplap, or simply put strips of wood on the walls to add more dimension. You can turn an otherwise boring wall in the bedroom design into an interesting nook simply by painting the accent walls with green hues. Well, you can give a tantalizing vibe in the room by painting pops of color in the accent walls with red.

Go with green shades or shutters for an easygoing vibe in your bedroom: Green window treatments help colors flow softly through the room, and you can keep the rest of your design scheme neutral. Darker floors and darker furniture often lend themselves to formal looks, so if you are looking for green room designs that work in more traditional-styled bedrooms – or in a vintage-styled one, choose a hue that matches a darker wood shade, but make sure you are adding touches of warmth with saturated, warm colors through accessories like carpets.

When decorating with a bedroom that is painted green, remember that variations on the color and the finish can have huge effects on how the space looks and feels. In a room filled with deep golds, burnt oranges, and mahogany, sage green accent wall can help to soften a room in your house and counteract the overpowering feelings that come with brighter colors. Sage green accent wall for bedroom are perfect for adding defining depth to rooms, even the smallest spaces — making them perfect for an eye-catching accent wall, too.

Sage green accent wall makes for a room that feels refreshing and natural, making it a great accent color for bedroom walls. Sage green is also perfect for the winter season, to bring a welcome splash of colour to your home, whether you choose to go with sage green wallpaper, or you are giving a trend-friendly nod to the trend with cushions or pillows (you can also see our guides on the best pillows and the most popular scent candles, should you want to revamp your space).

The reason why green is such an important color, and works so well in interior design, is that it reminds us of nature and the outdoors. A vibrant, refreshing color, green comes in a variety of shades, ranging from sage, which is the most elegant and cool, to bright, funky emerald, to a deep, soothing teal. While green may come in several shades, one shade in particular has caught the eye of many designers.

With green being this years it color, it is not surprising Instagrammers are jumping on board with including the tone in their spaces. You probably know by now that a lot of paint brands named green as their color of the year for the year 2022, so the hue is especially trendy right now. Pink is an extremely popular indoor color right now, so you are going to find plenty of decorative items or furniture that are that color, making these two colors an easy color pairing to achieve if you are going with a green wall with pink accessories.

To help you explore some of the best ideas for painting with sage green, we are looking at inspirational takes on sage green that will breathe life into the room, making good use of the sage green color combination without coming across heavy-handed. From striking takes on making the hue work in your home, to bedroom sage green paint colors to consider, take notes on a wide variety of hints highlighted here for making the color work in any room.

To keep the mostly neutral color palette, go with creamy shades of white and metallics such as rose gold to give the sage green accent wall a coolness and richness, suggests San Diego-based interior designer Susan Spath. This quiet color gives off a refined vibe when combined with vibrant whites and golden finishes, and darker accents would amplify its ability to create cosy, moody spaces, she says.

As a blend of greys and greens, this calming huesatisfies color-minimalists as well as colour lovers, says Nivara Hsiao, color marketing and product development assistant manager for Benjamin Moore. The expert attributes the colors tranquility effect to its homage to nature, where the green hue relaxes people in a similar way that a house filled with potted plants can. Pure green is a very powerful color, and it can be difficult to apply successfully on large surfaces in indoor environments.

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