7 Most Popular Wavy Angled Bob Haircut

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7 Most Popular Wavy Angled Bob Haircut – Wavy angled bobs are a classic hairstyle that will never go out of fashion. They are very easy to manage and can be easily transformed into any style thanks to their versatility.

Wavy angled bobs are easy to manage and very stylish.

Wavy angled bobs are a popular option for those who want a stylish, trendy look. It’s easy to maintain and can be worn by all ages and hair types.

A wavy angled bob is essentially a haircut in which the layers around your face are longer than the ones on the back of your head.

7 Most Popular Wavy Angled Bob Haircut

These longer layers will give you more volume at the back of your head and make it easier for you to style your hair whether it’s wet or dry.

Since our hair tends to get thicker as we age, this hairstyle is perfect for women who want something low-maintenance but still stylish.

Straight Angled Bob

The straight angled bob is a very stylish haircut. It’s easy to maintain, and it works well on all face shapes. This haircut also looks great if you have thick hair.

Short Wavy Bob

This short, wavy bob is a great style for those who want to wear their hair naturally. You can use a curling iron or wand to enhance the texture and shape of your hair.

If you have fine hair, this short, wavy bob will give it an extra boost of volume.

For thick hair types, this look could also be appropriate because the waves give your mane some added thickness while still keeping it soft and natural looking.

The piecey layers are also helpful in making curls appear more defined without being too heavy on top—which would make it hard to curl!

Long Angled Bob

The long angled bob is a great look for fine hair, thick hair, straight hair, wavy hair and curly hair. The length of the haircut depends on how much volume you want to add.

A mid-length angled bob is great for those who want to add some volume but not too much!

Layered Angled Bob

If you want to add volume to your hair, a layered bob is a great option. It’s easy to style, flattering on all face shapes and works well with straight, wavy or curly hair.

Here are the details you should know before getting this cut:

  • You can wear it long or short. If you have longer hair, you can have your stylist cut the length into layers that will give your locks more bounce and body. This look is perfect if you don’t like being weighed down by heavy bangs but still want them framing your face in an attractive way.
  • The sides can be blunt or tapered/angled as well as layered throughout the top section of this haircut design (in which case they’ll also be angled). This feature creates an illusion of height at the crown area so that even if someone has shorter roots than usual then their entire head appears taller than usual when viewed from above (when standing upright) instead of just having thick bangs covering up their forehead area alone without any other styling option available besides wearing something under those mane-like split ends (which isn’t always practical).

Short Angled Bob

If you want to try the wavy angled bob for yourself, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost: This style is very versatile. It can be worn with bangs or without (or partially with).

You can wear it straight or you can use a curling iron to create waves or curls. The possibilities are endless!

Second: As far as maintenance goes, this haircut is pretty easy to manage. If your hair is naturally curly, all you need to do is brush through it once a day with a wide tooth comb and start styling your look according to how much time/effort/money you’re willing to spend on your appearance on any given day (or week).

If your hair isn’t naturally curly but has some wave or curl already built into it, no problem—all the better! Just keep up with regular brushing and maybe throw in some product every now and then if needed.

Blonde Angled Bob

If you have blonde hair, then the angled bob haircut is a great choice for you. The style is easy to maintain and can be worn in many different ways.

It’s also a good choice for summer since it’s so cool and breezy! Blonde hair looks even better with makeup—so try out some of those new blue eye shadow palettes from Sephora while you’re at it.

Thick Hair Angled Bob

Thick hair can be difficult to manage, especially if you’re used to styling your straight hair. Thick hair can also require more products to style and keep its shape.

While the thickness of your locks makes it easier for them to hold a curl or wave, it’s also something that can make styling a challenging task because thick hair has a tendency to frizz up quickly when exposed to moisture or humidity.

Wavy angled bob haircuts are one of the most popular looks for people with thick locks as they allow you to show off your waves while still keeping them in check, thanks to the angled cut that gives definition and shape at all times (even on humid days).

You’ll find that wavy angled bob haircuts look great on either dry or damp hair—just apply some product like wax beforehand for extra hold if needed!


We hope this article has helped you decide which wavy angled bob haircut is right for you. There are so many options out there that it can be overwhelming, but the good news is that all of them look amazing on anyone!

Just remember to keep in mind what kind of lifestyle you lead and choose a length that fits your lifestyle needs while still looking stylish.




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