Updos Long Hair Step By Step

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Updos Long Hair Step By Step – In this article, we’re going to cover some of the easiest updos for long hair.

You might be thinking that it can’t be that easy to get a hairstyle like this, but I’m here to tell you that yes it is!

We’ll go over each step in detail below just so you can see what needs to happen and how easy it really is. So let’s get started!

Updos Long Hair Step By Step

Step 1. Gather hair into a medium high ponytail.

Use a hair tie to secure the ponytail at the top of your head, right above your ears and behind your neck.

Make sure that it is high enough to allow you to twist it—but not so high that it won’t be able to fit through your fingers once twisted!

Step 2. Start twisting your ponytail.

Now that you’ve created your ponytail, start twisting it! Start from the base of your ponytail and keep twisting upward until you reach the ends.

This ensures that your updo will look neat and tidy. If you want a messy updo, though, feel free to twist your hair in different directions as well (this is what I did).

Step 3. Tie this twisted section with an elastic band to secure in place.

Now that you have your two twisted sections, you’ll want to secure them in place. Start by tying an elastic band around the base of each twist.

Make sure it’s tight enough that the twists won’t come undone but not so tight that they hurt your head or are uncomfortable (no one wants a headache).

If your hair is naturally dark brown like mine, use an elastic band in a color that matches your hair color; if it’s light brown or blonde, use one in black or navy blue so that the ends don’t show when you put on the top knot later on. The elastic will help keep everything together when it comes time for styling!

Step 4. Finally, pull the twisted ponytail out and fluff it with your fingers to get this voluminous look!

  • Divide your hair into two sections and secure them each with a hair tie.
  • Twist the first section of your hair and secure the end with a bobby pin to create a half up ponytail. You can leave some hair loose at the bottom, if you want (we did).
  • Repeat on the other side of your head, twisting that section before securing it with another bobby pin and leaving some strands out at the bottom as well if desired!

You can do these easy updos long hair step by step yourself

You can do these easy updos long hair step by step yourself. You don’t need a stylist to do it for you, but it’s an easy way to create a new look for your hair.

You can have fun with this and mix up the colors or different materials of the ribbons. If you want an elegant updo when going out, then choose dark colors like black or brown ribbons.

For something more casual, bright colors will work better such as neon green or even hot pink! These styles are sure to look great on anyone so why not try them out?


Now you can do these easy updos long hair step by step yourself! They are perfect for any occasion, and they look great on any length of hair.

I hope this list helped inspire some new hairstyles for you to try out next time you’re in front of the mirror with your hairbrush.

If there are any other updos that have worked well for you, let us know in the comments below!























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