9 Most Popular Toddler Thin Hair Haircuts

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As a parent, I’ve heard it all when it comes to my toddler’s hair.

“Aww, he looks just like you!”

“Your son has really nice curls!”

“How come his hair is so thin?”

And while the last question is a valid one (and not just because I’m curious), I’m happy to say that there are plenty of options for parents whose toddlers have fine or thin hair.

You can make your little one look stylish and unique by choosing the right haircut. From buzz cuts to mohawks and everything in between, here are some great styles that will make any boy’s mane look thicker and fuller:

9 Most Popular Toddler Thin Hair Haircuts

Twists and Curls

Start by using a comb to style your daughter’s hair into large twists. Use gel or mousse on her hair before you begin, and then wrap each section around the comb, starting at the ends of each strand.

Twist as many pieces as you want to do and then leave them down. They’ll stay in place because they’re held together by elasticity!

The next day, use a curling iron to create curls in all of these twisty parts (you can also try braiding some of them). Make sure that all curls are uniform so they look like one big ‘do when it comes time for styling.

When everything is set, let it air dry for about an hour—then go back over any spots with your fingers or a brush if necessary—to remove any knots from tangled strands that may have formed overnight during sleep (or naptime).

When everything looks good and ready to go again after curling out those tangles from overnight sleeping or napping activities…brush out those little waves until you have thick bouncy bangs framing both sides of her face!

Side Part With a Little Bit of Volume

The side part with a little bit of volume is a wonderful style for toddlers. You can use highlights or lowlights to bring out the best in your toddler’s hair, and don’t forget to add some long bangs to this look.

The short sides are also important here, because they help make the rest of their face pop!

The medium length on top will make your toddler feel like a big kid who knows his or her way around a salon chair.

And since he or she won’t have any trouble taking care of themselves at home, you won’t have to worry about styling it every day.

Your toddler will likely enjoy brushing through their new do when they wake up each morning, so make sure you get them something fun from our collection of children’s hair accessories!

Fade with Undercut

You can also try fade with undercut. This is a popular haircut for men, but it can work just as well on toddlers.

An undercut is a short haircut that is longer on top than around the sides and back, so it will give your kid’s thin hair more volume and body.

A shaved part will help add more definition to his style. There are tons of ways you can do this—whether you want to run a clipper over his head or use an electric razor—but whatever technique you choose, make sure not to shave him bald!

You’ll be giving yourself lots of time for maintenance if your toddler has no eyebrows or other distinct features (like eyeliner!)

Easy, Curly, Low Fade With A Long Fringe

This hairstyle is easy to maintain and suitable for thin hair. It’s also a great choice for toddlers with curly hair, as it’s easy on the curls and gives them plenty of air.

While a fringe isn’t ideal for every toddler, if you have an extra long fringe that’s causing problems in your child’s life (they get teased at school), then this style might be able to help out.

Short High Top Fade with Line Up

  • Short High Top Fade with Line Up

This is a type of fade where the hair is cut short at the sides and back, but left long on top. The high top is cut shorter than a regular side part and works great for kids who have thick hair.

  • Low Fade with Side Part

This style is similar to a low skin fade except that it has more hair near the front of the head (the “natural” or “hairline”).

Slicked Back Rocker Hairstyle

To achieve this look, first use a comb to part your toddler’s hair. Then, use gel to slick back the sides of her hair and style it into place.

If you want your toddler to have a bit more volume near the top of her head, gently pull the sides up with the gel and spray in place before styling so that when you comb them down they’ll stay in place!

Finally, add shine serum or pomade spray at the end if you’d like some extra shine in her hair.

Buzz Cut

Buzz cuts are a great option for toddlers with thin hair. They’re short enough not to cause too much fuss, but not so short that they’re hard to maintain or look out of place on a toddler’s head.

Buzz cuts work well on both boys and girls because they’re easy to style in any way you want—short hair doesn’t have to be boring!

The only thing you might need help with is making sure you don’t cut the bangs too high up (or at all).

If your child has a round face like mine, it can make things look really strange if the front pieces of their hair are higher than the rest.

Blowout Fade With Line Design

This haircut is the perfect style for toddlers who want to look like they have hair. It has a lot of volume, which makes it look thick and full of body.

Plus, the fade gives it an edgy touch that will have everyone thinking you’re a cool kid.

First, use a blow dryer to add volume to your child’s hair. Then use a comb to create a line design on one side of their head (you can choose whatever shape you want).

Straighten out any flyaway hairs with a flat iron and use some hair spray at the end to keep everything in place!

Mohawk with Straight Hairline and Colorful Sides

The mohawk is a hairstyle that has been popular since the 1970s. It’s a short haircut that usually features shaved sides and a long strip of hair on top.

To give your toddler this look, start by parting her hair to one side and styling it so it frames her face.

The key to this style is having enough natural volume at the top of your head, so you’ll want to make sure you have some extra product or hairspray on hand before cutting off any length from the back of your head!

Once you’ve finished styling her hair, use scissors to cut off any strays around her neckline (wherever it may be).

Then use clippers with no guard attachment across all visible skin; remember: we want our little one’s scalp as exposed as possible!

Now go ahead and add some color by using dye in whatever shades strike your fancy—you can even mix them together if you’d like something more unique than just red or brunette browns!

You can make your toddler’s thin hair look thicker by selecting the right haircut.

Your toddler’s thin hair style will depend on several factors, including the shape of their head, their hair texture and your own personal preferences.

There are many different styles that are appropriate for thin hair. The choice is yours!

The first thing to consider is the shape of your toddler’s head. A rounder head should have a more angular haircut, while a squarer head tends to work better with rounded styles like bowl cuts or pixie cuts.

Shapes like triangles and squares should avoid blunt bangs; instead they can wear longer bangs that fall along their eyebrows or sweep back from their forehead line (depending on how far back you want to part).


We hope that this article has helped you find the perfect haircut for your toddler’s thin hair. Remember that there are many different styles available, so don’t be afraid to experiment with them!

If you still feel like your kid needs a little bit of extra volume at the top, try one of our other tips such as wearing a headband or adding some product before styling.



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