15 Easy Summer Hairstyles For Thick Hair

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15 Easy Summer Hairstyles For Thick Hair – If you have thick hair, it can be hard to find styles that work for you.

Luckily, we’ve got a few suggestions for summer hairstyles for thick hair: the tribal side braid, hot crossed buns, braided crown, fishtail crown and tousled braid updo.

These styles work on all types of hair and are both cute and easy to do at home—all you need is your natural texture, some bobby pins or elastics and a little bit of creativity!

15 Easy Summer Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Tribal Side Braid

Tribal side braids can be completed in a variety of ways. However, the most common ways include:

  • Morning tribal side braids: The morning is a great time for tribal side braids because it’s easy to do them yourself and they look good on all hair types. If you want to look chic but don’t have time for a lot of prep work, these are ideal.
  • Afternoon tribal-inspired hairstyles: Braiding your hair into two sections will make it easier for you to put together this style as well as any other braid that may come later in the day. You can dress up your outfit with some added jewelry or accessories while still looking effortlessly cool with this updo!
  • Nighttime tribal braid styles: A nighttime event like prom or date night? Make sure that you have some fun with your hair by doing something different than what everyone else is wearing! This cutie will show off just enough skin without making anyone jealous over how gorgeous her locks are looking tonight!

Hot Crossed Buns

To start, you need to make four ponytails on the top of your head. If you have thick hair, then tie each ponytail with a hairband that is just slightly smaller than your own head.

The idea is to create an updo that looks neat and tidy without being too tight or causing discomfort.

Now take those four ponytails and cross them over one another in an X shape. Then secure with bobby pins.

If they’re too big for your taste or if there isn’t enough space between them, go ahead and tie them together into two groups of two before crossing them over one another in an X shape—this should give you enough room to fit everything comfortably together.

Braided Crown

  • Take a small section of hair from the top of your head and start braiding it down to the end.
  • When you get to the end, secure it with an elastic band or hair elastic (you don’t want any hair coming out).
  • Now take another small section of hair and braid that on top of your first braid so it looks like two braids side by side (and not just one big, untidy bun). Secure this second braid too with another elastic band or hair elastic if needed.
  • Repeat this step until all of your thick strands are divided into perfectly neat little sections that can be plaited together into one big braid at the back of your head! You might need quite a few bands if you have thick/long locks though; I had about three per section before I was happy enough with how smooth everything looked on my crown!

Fishtail Crown

Here’s a great way to give your hair some shape and style. To do this look, take your thick hair and separate it into two sections.

Then braid one section with a fishtail braid (a French braid where you pull out about ¼ inch of hair from each side to make the tail).

Once you’ve braided all of the hair, secure it with pins. Spray your entire head with a light holding hairspray so that you can get rid of flyaways or add texture if needed.

If necessary, pin down any loose pieces by using small bobby pins in an inconspicuous place on top of your head so that they blend in with your crown look!

Tousled Braid Updo

There are two ways to do this hairstyle. The first, which we’ll call the “braid up” method, starts with a simple braid down your back.

After you reach the end of your hair, secure it with an elastic band, then bring that same strand of hair all around and through itself to create a knot at the nape of your neck.

This will give you three strands total instead of two for each side so that when woven together they form a loose crown effect rather than simply being pulled into place behind your ear like before.

And voila! You’ve got yourself an impressive updo that turns heads wherever you go!


You don’t have to worry about your thick hair getting in the way of having a good time this summer. With these easy-to-do styles, you’ll be prepared for any occasion and look fabulous all at once!



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