8 Most Popular Stacked Bob Haircuts For Over 50

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A stacked bob haircuts for over 50 is a great style to try if you’re looking for something short, trendy and easy to manage.

There are many variations of this haircut that you can experiment with. If your hair is thick, long or fine then there’s likely to be a variation that will work for you.

You can also choose from several different styles – from choppy layers to stacked lobs or just a jagged fringe. Below are some stylish options:

8 Most Popular Stacked Bob Haircuts For Over 50

1. The Cute Angled Bob

A cute angled bob is a great way to get cool, modern hair without giving up your sense of style. Bob haircuts come in all different lengths, shapes and styles.

The one you choose depends on what look you’re going for and how much maintenance you want to put into your hair.

If you have thick or wavy hair and want something easy to maintain, consider a shorter asymmetrical bob with heavy layers.

This style is perfect for older women who want an easy hairstyle without sacrificing any sophistication.

2. Bright Undercut Bob

The undercut style is one of the most popular hairstyles of 2019. It’s also a great choice for women over 50, as it offers plenty of versatility and allows you to get creative with your color choices.

The inverted bob haircut is a nice option if you’re looking for a cut that’s short in the back but still gives some length in front.

This style works especially well for people with thinning hair, as it will help add volume and texture to their hairline area.

This cut can be worn short, medium or long depending on your personal preference; however, we recommend keeping it at least 3 inches long when wearing an undercut so that only half of the top portion is exposed (a longer length would look too heavy on top).

3. Shaggy Choppy Layers

Shaggy choppy layers are a great way to add texture. This style is best for fine hair, medium-to-long length hair, thick hair and curly hair.

When you wear this haircut, you will be able to style it into many different looks with the help of some products.

You can make it look sleek with a straightener or add volume with mousse or styling cream (depending on your type of curl).

4. Extreme Blonde Stacked Bob

For the ladies with long hair, this stacked bob is a great look. It’s also great for those with round faces, oval faces and square faces.

The cut has some extreme layers that are cut close to the head. The top section is then left longer than the rest of the hair on your head and styled into a side swept fringe.

5. Edgy White Cut with Pink Tips

This is a great look for women who want to add a bit of fun and sass, but don’t want to color their hair.

The pink tips are easy to maintain with regular trims, and they’re also easy to style. Because the pink is a natural shade (not dyed), it won’t damage your hair or fade over time.

This is one of my favorite cuts for older women because it’s youthful without being too edgy or trendy. The bob haircut is classic, but by adding in the pink tips you get an extra level of fun and personality!

6. Short Inverted Bob Hairstyles

This modern version of the classic bob is a great style for women with fine hair. The inverted bob gives your face a rounder appearance and also adds volume to your crown area.

This versatile look works well straight or wavy, and you can wear it short or long. If you like to change things up, this cut will be fun to try out in different ways!

7. Shaggy Razor Cut Pixie-Bob Hairstyle

This is a shaggy razor cut pixie-bob hairstyle for over 50 women who want short hair. This hairstyle is easy to style, just wash your hair and air dry it. You can also add a little bit of texturizer or wax if needed.

8. Short Soft Wavy Stacked Haircut

The short stacked haircut is a great hairstyle for women over 50. It has soft, wavy layers and it will add volume to your hair. So if you want something easy to care for and stylish, this is an option worth considering.

The short stacked haircut has soft waves that are layered around the face. You can have it any length above the shoulders as long as it’s not longer than chin-length.

The sides are usually cut at an angle so they don’t stick out too much when you part them in the middle or side-parted ways.


In this article, we have shown you 8 different hairstyles for over 50 women. These hairstyles will make you look younger and more stylish.

We hope that our tips helped you choose the right haircut for your face shape and hair type.



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