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Decreases in vitamin D production. A 20 yr old male patient comes to the doctor complaining of a flat macular patch that ranges from red bluish and purple color.

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Skin hair and nails assessment questions shadow health. Change in pigmentation 3. Does your wound have any redness. NUR 221 MODULE 2_SKIN HAIR AND NAIL ASSESSMENT_1ST SEM 1441 8 SCHAMROTH TECHNIQUE.

Start studying Shadow Health- Tina Jones- Hair Skin Nails. Explain some effects of aging on the skin and nails. Nails becomes softer brittle and dry.

Learn vocabulary terms and more with flashcards games and other study tools. Our class was pretty structured. Skin hair and nails assessment shadow health is important information accompanied by photo and HD pictures sourced from all websites in the world.

Ask a question such as following. Healthy nails are smooth. Know all of your qualifying questions for any symptom that may be reported.

652020 Skin Hair and Nails Completed Shadow Health 23 Review of Systems Followed up on skin dryness Reports arms and legs get dry Reports using lotion Followed up on acne Reports having acne since middle school Reports current acne Reports acne had been dormant but got worse recently Asked about acne treatment Reports last seeing a doctor for acne in high school. Skin regeneration slows skin is damaged more easily. Skin becomes thinner and weaker less subcutaneous fat so face becomes sunken in.

Incidence of skin cancer increases. Does your wound feel warm to the touch. Inspect the color and shape of the nailsThe color beneath the nails should be similar to the overall skin coloring although somewhat rosierThere should be no hemorrhage.

Cardiovascular Assessment for Tina Jones. Chapter 26 Assessment of the Skin Hair and Nails Janice Cuzzell and M. Linda Workman Learning Outcomes Safe and Effective Care Environment 1 Use knowledge of integumentary changes associated with aging to protect older adult patients from skin injury.

Change in nails 11Environmental or occupational hazards 12. Reports imporved acne due to use of oral contraceptives Facial and body hair imporved Denies any nail or hair changes. The nurse may also use the olfactory sense to detect unusual skin odors.

Change in a mole 4. Change in texture or color. Your response to the discussion questions will be based on the findings in the Shadow Health assessments.

Has the patient noted change in growth or loss of hair. After your HEENT and Skin Hair Nails assessment of Tina what would you include in your end of shift report related to the HEENT assessment and the Skin Hair Nails assessment performed. 2 Modify techniques to assess skin changes in patients with darker skin.

You ask her questions in the outline as if you are writing your soap note then you move on to review of systems. Assess the distribution thickness texture and lubrication of hair. Shadow Health- Tina Jones- Hair Skin Nails Flashcards Quizlet.

Firmly attached to the nailbed with only a slight degree of mobility. In addition inspect for infection or infestation of the scalp. Skin and Nails Assessment Assignment TABS Objective data collection.

Past history of skin disease such as allergies hives psoriasis and eczema 2. Health Promotion and Maintenance 3 Teach all. The condition of the nails often provides important clues about the patients overall health status.

Reports improved acne due to oral contraceptives. Skin on neck has stopped darkening and facial and body hair has improved. This preview shows page 1 – 3 out of 3 pages.

She reports a few moles but no other hair or nail. Skin Hair Nails Subjective Questions 24 – Skin Hair and. Palpate the nails to determine their thickness regularity and attachment to the nailbed.

Rash or lesion 8. The first shadow health was pretty hard to pass. These are usually most evident in the skinfolds or in the axillae.

67 rows Rough flaky dry skin is seen in. Skin Hair and Nails Subjective Questions 24 Asked about foot wound Does your wound have any swelling. Facial hair on females Hirsutism is a.

I took it last semester for university of Texas at Tyler. Assessment of the hair occurs during all portions of the examination. Assess the nails through inspection and palpation.

Is discharge coming from your wound. Pungent body odor is frequently related to poor hygiene hyperhidrosis excessive perspiration or bromhidrosis foul-smelling perspiration. Vascularity of the dermis decreases.

Upon further assessment you discover that the patch intensifies with crying exertion and exposure to heat or cold. If you do not find the exact resolution you are looking for then go for a native or higher resolution. Subjective Data Collection and Digital Clinical Experience Overview.

Skin Assessment of the skin involves inspection and palpation. Q Onset q Location q Duration q Characteristics q Aggravatingalleviating factors q Related symptoms q Treatments tried Remember when you are doing these exams that this simulation is designed to help you improve your health assessment skills. Excessive dryness or moisture 5.

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