5 Short Layered Punk Haircuts Ideas

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5 Short Layered Punk Haircuts Ideas – Punk is one of the most influential styles in music and fashion. It’s been around for decades, but it’s still as popular as ever.

That said, not everyone is ready to go full-on punk with their hair. Some people want some of the style without fully committing to its edginess!

Luckily, there are plenty of punk haircuts that don’t require a ton of length. In this article I’ll show you some short layered punk hairstyles that will get you inspired for your next trip to the salon or barber shop!

5 Short Layered Punk Haircuts Ideas


Bangs are a great way to add style and movement to your short hair. They can be straight across, angled slightly upward, or even curved inward at the ends.

Bangs can also be blunt with little layering or wispy and full of layers. The length of your bangs depends on how they look best on your face shape—a longer fringe may work better for some people than a shorter one will!

Faux Mohawk

The Faux Mohawk: A cross between a mohawk and a fauxhawk, this hairstyle is a spiked up hairstyle that can be worn by both men and women.

It’s usually worn with a side part and usually has long spikes going toward the back of the head.

This is one of the best punk hairstyles for men because it’s simple to style at home and looks great when paired with other hair styles.

Bowl Cut with Bangs

Bowl cuts with bangs are a great way to add dimension and style to your hair. With the right cut, you can make a bowl cut even more punk rock by adding some layers, or you could keep it simple.

The best part about this hairstyle is that it’s easy to maintain and looks good on a wide range of face shapes.

The length of the bangs depends on the shape of your face: if you have an oval-shaped or square face, keeping them short will help balance out any other features (like bigger eyes).

If you have a rounder face, longer bangs will help slim down your head shape while framing your cheeks nicely.

Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are the ultimate in punk hairstyles, and the asymmetrical variety is an especially edgy option.

The best part? You can wear your hair a little longer on one side than you do on the other—it’s all about what feels right for you.

This cut is also perfect for anyone who thinks that they can’t rock a pixie because they have fine hair or they’re worried about it looking too harsh. If anything, this style will make your cheekbones pop!

Short Undercut Pixie Haircut

The undercut pixie haircut is an edgy style that features a cut to the shoulders, with layers and short bangs.

You can also add fades and shaved sides for a different look. If you want to go bold, try adding highlights or ombre coloring.

You can be punk with short hair too!

If you’re going for a punk look, you can be sure that it will require a lot of attitude and your own unique style.

You don’t need to wear ripped clothing or combat boots, but you should definitely have some kind of edge.

Whether you want to go short or long, the best way to achieve this punk style is by going with a haircut that’s different from everyone else’s.

There are many different kinds of punk haircuts for men and women: mohawks, shags and bobs all fall under the category of punk hairstyles!

If none of those appeal to your tastes then consider getting highlights added into your hair so that it stands out from the crowd instead!


With so many different punk hairstyles, there’s no reason why you can’t be punk with short hair.

The best part about these cuts is that they are all easy to style and will require minimal maintenance—you don’t even need a blow dryer if you don’t want one!

So go ahead and experiment with a new look today, who knows what you might discover about yourself?



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