20 Trends Short Haircuts With Ears Cut Out Ideas

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20 Trends Short Haircuts With Ears Cut Out Ideas – I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to try this trend, but I’m glad I finally did.

Cutting out the ears on a haircut is a fun way to get a little more creative with your style and change things up. It’s also not just for guys!

Here are some of my favorite short haircuts with ears cut out:

20 Trends Short Haircuts With Ears Cut Out Ideas


The pixie is a short haircut that can be worn in many different styles.

The most popular style of pixie is a blunt cut all around, but occasionally you might see one with some length in front.

Pixie cuts are great for thick hair because they keep it looking sleek and full, but if your hair tends to get oily or limp quickly, don’t feel discouraged from trying this style on yourself—many women with fine hair have success with the pixie too!

Pixie with Long Bangs

Bangs are a great way to add some flair to your pixie cut, as well as make it more feminine.

You can style your bangs straight or curly, depending on the look you’re going for.

If you have very long bangs and are worried about them getting in the way when you’re swimming or doing other activities, try cutting them a little shorter!

If you have thick hair, wearing your bangs down usually looks best because it helps balance out the thickness of your locks without adding much extra volume onto them (unless that’s what you want).

Try styling your bangs using a blow dryer on high heat and no attachment – this allows for more natural movement once they’re dry!

Also consider experimenting with curling irons and flat irons – both will give volume while making sure each strand remains smooth throughout use!

Blunt Bob

You’ve probably seen this haircut on a variety of celebrities, but it may not be immediately clear what a blunt bob is.

A blunt bob is just what it sounds like: a short haircut that is blunt at the ends.

The hair length can vary anywhere between chin-length and shoulder-length, although you’ll want to keep in mind that shorter cuts will require more maintenance in order to keep them looking sleek and polished.

In fact, this is one of the most popular haircuts for women with thick hair because it’s easier to style than other lengths without having to use extensions or layers.

The best thing about getting your ears cut out? There are endless ways that you can style your hair after getting an earring hole!

Inverted Bob

The inverted bob is a variation of the classic bob. The hair at the top and sides is longer, while the back is shorter. This style creates a great way to show off your face shape and add some volume to your hair.

You can choose from many different lengths for this cut, so it’s easy for everyone to find something that works for them!

The inverted bob looks great with bangs because it gives you an option between having long or short bangs without having to switch up your haircut every time you want a different look!

Longer Pixie

  • Longer Pixie

A longer pixie cut is a great way to show off your ears.

This style stretches from forehead to shoulder, creating a dramatic feel and helping you look more youthful than traditional short hair cuts.

A long pixie with bangs and longer sideburns will be sure to turn heads wherever you go.

  • Longer Pixie With Bangs

If you have hair that hangs straight down with no layers or other styling involved, it may be time for a change!

Try adding some bangs into your long pixie haircut for an updated look that’s both flattering and edgy at the same time!

  • Longer Pixie With Long Sideburns

This style brings out the best in those who have thick lips or eyes because it lengthens them by adding length around the jawline while also making them appear softer overall thanks to its soft edges which blend seamlessly into their face shape without looking too severe like many other hairstyles would do in this situation (especially if they were trying out something bolder).

These haircuts are cool and elegant!

If you’re the kind of person who likes to show off their earrings, these short haircuts are for you. You can wear your hair in a variety of styles and achieve an elegant look that works with any occasion.

  • Up: Show off your earrings with an updo! This style is perfect for women who want to showcase their jewelry but also want to keep things professional and chic.
  • Down: If you’re going out on the town, down is definitely the way to go. You can still wear your jewelry while letting loose and having fun!


It’s time to get creative and try something new! These short haircuts are super cute and will make any woman look like a million bucks. It’s time for you to step up your hairstyle game!



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