20 Inspiring Shag Haircut For Fine Hair

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20 Inspiring Shag Haircut For Fine Hair – I’ve always loved shag haircuts, but I’ve never been able to pull them off.

My hair is fine and thin, so it just doesn’t have the weight or texture needed for a great shag.

But this spring I decided to give it another go, and I’m here today to tell you that yes! You can totally get a shag haircut with fine hair!

So let’s talk about how to style your shag haircut for fine hair into one of these 5 amazing looks:

20 Inspiring Shag Haircut For Fine Hair

Choppy shag haircut

Choppy shag haircuts are great for fine hair, as it gives the strands some much-needed texture and movement.

If you want a choppy shag, ask your stylist to cut it with scissors instead of clippers. This will help create more texture than if you were using a razor or electric clippers.

Piece-y and bright blonde

This look is best suited for fine hair because it’s extremely easy to style.

The long, piece-y layers give the illusion that your locks are thicker than they really are.

If you have naturally blonde or light brown hair, try a few wispy layers in front that fall over the face and down below the chin—this will help make your face seem more youthful.

If you’re going for a bolder look, opt for subtle pieces throughout the head so as not to overwhelm your features with too much volume or length.

Layered shag

If you have fine hair, the shag haircut is a great option for you. The layered shag haircut will give your hair more volume and eliminate any unwanted frizz.

If you want to cut your own hair, it is important to use scissors instead of a razor. This way, there’s less chance that your hair will be damaged.

Wispy layers

This is a good option if you have fine hair and want to add volume. Wispy layers are flattering on all face shapes, but especially round and square.

They’re also easy to style, so you can wear them in many ways:

  • Curly-Q or wavy hair
  • Straighten your locks for a sleek look
  • Or, wear it curly or wavy for natural flair

Subtle shag with bangs

A shag haircut is a versatile cut that can be worn long or short and looks great on anyone with fine hair.

If you’re looking to update your look but don’t want to go super short, this style offers a lot of bang for the buck.

It’s one of the most popular cuts right now because it works well with both straight and curly hair textures, allowing you to embrace your natural texture without sacrificing style.

Shags look great on anyone, even those with fine hair.

Shags are a great option for those with fine hair because they’re versatile and easy to style.

You can wear your shag straight or wavy, depending on the haircut you choose.

If you have curly hair, don’t worry—you can still get away with a shag cut!

Just ask your stylist to give you some extra layering so that it looks like your curls are “popping” off of your head.

Shags look great on every face shape too: oval faces should stick with an asymmetric shag; rectangular faces should go for a full fringe; rounder faces should opt for longer layers around their cheekbones and chin; square-shaped faces will benefit from having their bangs brought up into an angled bob or blunt fringe instead of having them sweep down over their forehead.

To maintain this hairstyle at home, use minimal product when styling—just enough to keep flyaways at bay but not so much that it weighs down the rest of your strands.

When washing and conditioning your mane (which we recommend doing regularly), use cooler water temperatures so as not disturb the natural wave pattern created by these types of cuts!


What’s most important is that you find a style that works for you and your lifestyle.

Don’t let others tell you what haircut to get—choose one that fits your personality, hairstyle, and hair type (yes!).

With these tips in mind, we hope you can find the perfect shag for yourself!


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