Quick Easy Updos For Short Hair : 4 Steps

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Quick Easy Updos For Short Hair : 4 Steps – Updos are a favorite short-hair style, because they provide an elegant look that works well for formal or professional settings.

They’re a great way to show off your hair and keep it out of your face, so you can be confident in any situation.

You can choose from dozens of different updos, from simple ponytails and buns to creative braids and knots.

Once you’ve mastered the basic skills and techniques required for each style, the possibilities are endless!

With a few quick and easy steps, you can turn your short hair into a polished updo.

Quick Easy Updos For Short Hair 4 Steps

You don’t have to have long hair to pull off the perfect updo.

In fact, short hair can be used to create a variety of updo styles. Braids, twists and other hairstyles can be used to make up your look – just take a look at the pictures below for inspiration!

If you’re using bobby pins or clips to hold the style in place, remember that applying them the wrong way will result in an awkward-looking ‘do.

The trick is to put them behind your head instead of in front of it (if you’re wearing your hair up). This will ensure that they don’t show through when you turn around or tilt your head from side-to-side.

With a few quick and easy steps, you can turn your short hair into a polished updo.

  • Start with a sock bun, which is a basic updo that you can do with your short hair by wrapping your hair around the top of your head and securing it with bobby pins.
  • Spray the top of the sock bun with hair spray to hold it in place once you’ve secured it with bobby pins, or use hairspray on individual pieces if you’re having trouble keeping them together as you go through this process. You might need help from someone else for this step if you’re doing it alone or aren’t very experienced at styling your own hair!
  • For added volume and body, curl each piece of your short hairstyle before pinning them into place with bobby pins – curling irons are great for creating loose waves that are easy to manage but still look polished enough for any occasion!
  • Don’t forget about accessories! The right earrings or necklaces will take any style up another level by adding some extra sparkle and shine.”

This updo is also fairly quick and easy to accomplish, depending on the type of braids you do.

The French braid is one of the easiest hairstyles you can do, and it looks great on all lengths of hair. You can do it to both wet and dry hair, although if your short hair is very curly or thick, it might be easier to try this out when your hair is wet first.

To begin the French braid, separate a small section of hair from the rest at the top of your head (or where you want to start).

Then take some more strands from behind that same section and cross them over those already separated sections.

Repeat this process until you reach the bottom of your head and tie off with an elastic band or clip to keep in place!

If you’re feeling ambitious but don’t know how to get started with braids yet then here are some other styles: fishtail braid (easy), Dutch braid (easier), waterfall braid (easy).


We hope this article has inspired you to try out a few updos on your own.

You don’t need to have long hair to rock a gorgeous updo, and with the right style and product, you can turn your short locks into an elegant look that will make heads turn.

If you still have questions about any of these styles (or others), please leave us a comment below!





















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