Police Hairstyle : 5 General Guidelines [With Pics]

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Police Hairstyle : 5 General Guidelines – Police officers are expected to maintain a professional and presentable appearance, including their hairstyle.

While there is no specific “police hairstyle” that all officers must adhere to, there are certain guidelines that are typically followed in order to maintain a uniform and professional appearance.

Police Hairstyle 5 General Guidelines With Pics

Here are some general guidelines for police hairstyles:

  1. Hair should be kept neat and well-groomed at all times. This means that it should be trimmed regularly and free of tangles or knots.
  2. Hair should not cover the ears or extend below the collar of the uniform shirt. This ensures that the officer’s appearance is tidy and professional.
  3. Extreme hairstyles or unnatural hair colors are generally not allowed. This includes hairstyles that are extremely long, short, or exaggerated, as well as unnatural hair colors such as bright blue or pink.
  4. Officers may be required to wear a hairstyle that is appropriate for wearing a helmet or protective gear. This may involve keeping the hair shorter or tied back in a way that allows the gear to fit securely.
  5. Some police departments have specific guidelines for facial hair, such as requiring that it be kept trimmed and neat.


Overall, the most important thing for a police officer’s hairstyle is to maintain a professional and presentable appearance that meets the standards of the department. It is important to consult with your department’s guidelines or supervisor if you have any questions or concerns about your hairstyle.




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