7 Most Popular Long Hairstyles For Over 40

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7 Most Popular Long Hairstyles For Over 40 – If you’re over 40 and still rocking a short cut, it’s time to let your hair down. Long hairstyles are the perfect way to add volume and interest to your look.

There are lots of different styles out there, so start browsing! Here are some of our favorites:

7 Most Popular Long Hairstyles For Over 40

One-Shoulder Styles

One-shoulder styles are a great way to show off your favorite accessory. Whether you’re wearing a chunky heel, cowboy boots or flats, there’s no better way to accentuate an outfit than by balancing it with the right hair style.

You can rock one-shoulder looks with any length of hair—from long locks all the way down to short pixie cuts—and whether you opt for bangs or not doesn’t matter either. These styles are super versatile!

Curls + Waves

Curly hair is an easy way to add volume and body to your look. You can achieve this by using a curling iron, or you can let nature take its course and just let your curls do their thing.

If you want to go from straight to curly, try this trick: wet your hair with cold water as well as conditioner and then blow dry it with a round brush so that the curls fall out nicely.

To set them in place, use a hot air gun or simply let your hair air dry overnight if you have time.

Here’s another idea for creating waves without heat styling: divide your hair into sections and use bobby pins at the nape of the neck to secure each section (see photo above).

Next, pull up those sections until they’re all standing on end—this will create some nice volume at the roots!


The lob is a long bob that falls anywhere from shoulder length to just above the shoulder.

The lob is perfect for women who want to maintain some length, but don’t want to wear their hair down or up in a ponytail. This versatile style can be worn straight, or wavy if your hair prefers it.

The best thing about the lob? It works on almost every face shape!

If you have a round face, try wearing your hair in an asymmetrical style (this means one side of your head has more volume than another) with sections around your face framing it beautifully.

If you have a square face shape, then get creative by adding waves to create dimension and drama to your look.


Braids are a great way to add volume, texture and interest to your hair. You can wear braids in so many different ways that they look good on a wide range of ages and face shapes.

Braids also make thinning hair look fuller and hide any bald spots that you might have from previous surgeries or alopecia.

Braided hairstyles don’t have to be reserved for special occasions either! They’re perfect for everyday styling because they’re easy to do yourself at home and take little time to style each morning before leaving the house.

Center-Parted with Side Bangs

A center-parted look is a great option for women who want to be low-maintenance but still keep their hair looking fresh.

To style your hair this way, use a large barrel curling iron to create curls all over your head—this will help you achieve the voluminous effect you want without having to worry about styling each curl individually.

Then, simply pull up sections of hair at either side of your face and pin them back behind your ears with bobby pins or barrettes (this will give you an easy updo that looks like it took hours).

If you’re feeling brave, try out bangs! Make sure they are cut so that they fall just above or below your eyebrows; as long as they aren’t too long or short for your face shape, they’ll look great regardless of whether they’re straight or wavy.

Super Sleek Bob

The super sleek bob is one of the most popular long hairstyles for women over 40. It’s a low maintenance style, easy to maintain and works on straight or curly hair.

Long bangs are an option too if you want an even more youthful look. Many younger women prefer this look because it is classic and looks good on everyone!

If you have highlights in your hair then they will really show up when you wear this style because it elongates your face so much.

Messy Ponytail

The messy ponytail is an easy way to style long hair. You can create this look by using a hair tie to create your own elastic band and pulling your hair back into a ponytail.

If you want to add some texture, simply use some gel or mousse on the ends of your hair before pulling it back.

You may also want to use some hairspray on the top of your head, just in case any flyaways start to show themselves.


We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the many long hairstyles for over 40. With so many options, it’s easy to find one that fits your personal style and looks great on you!


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