8 Trends Bun Hairstyle For Engagement

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8 Trends Bun Hairstyle For Engagement – A bun hairstyle is one of the most stylish haircuts for long hairs. It makes the woman look elegant and feminine.

This style is perfect for all kinds of occasions, including engagement or wedding parties.

In this article we will show you how to make a classic bun hairstyle step by step, so that you can easily achieve an elegant look and impress your friends with your new hair style!

8 Trends Bun Hairstyle For Engagement

Puff with Dutti Bun

To achieve the puff with dutti bun, start by parting your hair down the middle. Then, take a small section of hair from each side and roll it back towards the nape of your neck (on either side).

Secure both braids with bobby pins until they are in place, then continue rolling two additional sections of hair on top of each other to form a loose puff.

For styling tips for this look, we recommend a strong holding hairspray to keep everything in place!

Messy Top Knots with hairs

  • Gather your hair into a ponytail at the nape of your neck. If you want to add volume and make it look more like an actual bun, gather all of your hair together in a high ponytail and twist it three times before securing with an elastic band.
  • Secure the base of the ponytail with bobby pins so that it stays in place while you work on the rest of the style.
  • Then, begin twisting sections from one side to meet up with another section from another side until all your hair is twisted together like a rope or cord!

Once complete, use bobby pins to hold this twist together if needed (or use products like hairspray).

Side Swept Rolled Bun

A side swept bun is the perfect hairstyle for an engagement photo, especially if you’re wearing a long dress.

The majority of your hair is pulled up and rolled into a bun, leaving only about an inch or two of hair on either side of your face as well as a few pieces in front (this gives the effect that you have bangs).

Messy Buns for Long Hairs

To make a messy bun, you need to gather your hair together and tie it into a ponytail.

Then, take the ends of your hair and wrap them around the base of the ponytail holder so that it looks like an upside down bun.

If you want to add some accessories, you can use barrettes or bobby pins to create patterns in between each strand of hair.

The best type of hair for this hairstyle is long, thick locks because they’re easier to manage when they’re up in a messy bundle.

It’s also important that your bangs aren’t too long; otherwise they’ll get caught in your messy bun!

Walking Trend Style

This bun hairstyle for engagement is a very romantic and delicate. The hair has been put up into a loose bun on top of the head, with strands left down to frame the face.

This is a really feminine look that works best when wearing something simple and elegant or with some kind of accessory like a flower crown or tiara.

Open Hair with Flowers

Now that you know how to do an open bun, let’s talk about flowers. I love this look because it’s so romantic and classic.

  • Pick a flower that matches your dress. For example, if your dress is light pink and yellow, then pick a white lily or rose.
  • Put the flowers in the center of your bun in an uneven pattern so they don’t all sit at the same height (you want them to look natural). Then take some bobby pins and pin down any loose petals sticking out from around your face—this will make everything look more polished!

Fish Tail Braid

To make the fish tail braid, you will need to separate a small section of hair from the rest of your hair. You can twist into a bun and secure with an elastic band or clip.

Then, take another section underneath this one and cross it over so that it creates an X pattern on top of the first section.

Add in another piece of hair from underneath and repeat until all pieces are used up. You should be left with your regular ponytail but with several braids hanging down at different lengths like fish scales!

Single Side Braid

The single side braid is one of the most versatile styles out there. It works with every outfit, from your favorite jeans and t-shirt to a cute summer dress.

If you’re short on time and still want to look like you made an effort, this bun hairstyle for engagement is perfect for you.

The steps are really simple: pull your hair into a ponytail, then part it down the middle and secure each half in individual braids.

Gather those two braids together at the back of your head and secure them with bobby pins or elastic bands (depending on how thick your hair is) so they don’t fall apart while you’re styling them!

After all that work, just add some accessories if necessary—we love using pretty barrettes that match our outfit choice!


Choose a hairstyle that is easy to manage. You will be wearing your hair up for a long time, so make sure you are comfortable with the style. It also helps if you can easily adapt it to different occasions as well!

Hope you like all the hairstyles that we have shared here. Let us know which one is your favorite and why!























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