Best Hair Colors for Deep Winter : Tips & Guide

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The last look that we chose to feature on this Winter Hair Color Collection is this Caramel Glazed Style, which features Highlights. The main color is a deep, dark chocolate, while these scattered highlights throughout the hair are in a sugary shade of cinnamon, light enough to bring a little life into the entire look.

Keep the base color really deep and dark, with only a few flecks of lighter, caramel brown, if you want to make your curls as polished and chic as those. If you are of a cooler complexion, then you are going to switch up to a blue or silvery grey, with a bright or subtle cold white to match the hues of your color palette.

Best Hair Colors for Deep Winter : Tips & Guide

If you are cool-skinned, your natural hair color is often also cool, and designed to flatter you overall. If you are Warm Skinned your hair will include Warm Yellow Toned shades of Grey and Warm Whites that once again complement and work well with your Natural Color. If you are winter dying, then dying your hair a warm red color or adding warm highlights does not change your color seasonality into spring or fall. As a Deep Winter, you are a mix between Winter and Fall, so although you will gravitate toward cooler colors, you can also wear deeper colors from the Fall palette like dark chocolate browns and pine greens.

Best Hair Colors for Deep Winter 2

High contrasts of those colors also work well, like whites and cobalt, as Deep Winters have naturally strong contrasts of color tone. This is the perfect winter color, because these brightening highlights bring out the best of your skin tone, which can get slightly pale in cold weather. Some more warm, rich colors from summer, such as raspberries, plums, and deep roses, are found in this palette, which are especially great colors to use in your winter makeup. The blues and violets are perfect for girls who have naturally darker hair, since they will compliment your color without needing much dying and bleaching.

Best Hair Colors for Deep Winter 3

Naomis best hair colour is always going to be a cool, ashy blond highlight that will complement her natural color beautifully. Designed for collaboration Hair, eyes (and eyebrows) and skin tones are all designed to naturally go together, so a simple adjustment in hair colourants can have a huge impact on how she looks. To avoid unnatural contrasts between skin color and hair color, go for a lighter shade in your formula if you only have to go on the parts and temples.

Best Hair Colors for Deep Winter 4

Use an extremely dark shade of brown as a base, and then accent it with a mid-brown hue to accent both your darker hair shade and your skin color. Your eyes are strong, you have high contrast between hair color, eye color, and skin tone, or you are a deeper overall look, with olive-to-black skin, darker eyes, and black-brown hair. You have dark hair colors, with shades of brown ashy to black, as well as a natural gray or white.

Best Hair Colors for Deep Winter 5

Yes you can add a tone, a highlight, lowlight, and even change the color permanently, knowing you get better results when it compliments the skin colour. You can blend in small amounts of your highlighter colour until you are sure the results in the top part are harmonious to a darker winter or darker autumn shade.

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