10 Short Mohawk Haircuts For Black Women

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10 Short Mohawk Haircuts For Black Women – If you want to discover a new unique and edgy style, then check out our list of short mohawk haircuts for black women.

A mohawk haircut is one of the most popular hairstyles among women and men. It’s not just a trend, but it has become more like an ideal for many people who want to look cool, energetic, graceful and sexy.

The best thing about this haircut is that it works on all types of hair including straight, wavy or curly hair.

If you have dark hair with blonde highlights then here are some cute mohawk styles that will make your day:

10 Short Mohawk Haircuts For Black Women

Short Mohawk Haircuts For Black Women

These short mohawk haircuts for black women are perfect for women who want to make a bold statement.

There’s no need to worry about your hair being too straight or too curly, because this look works well with both textures.

You don’t have to stick with the traditional mohawk hairstyle either – you can add some unique features like shaved lines or even razor-sharp edges!

Pixie Mohawk Hairstyles

Pixie Mohawk cuts are a great choice for women who want to try something new, whether it’s your first time styling your hair or you’re looking for some edge.

Whether you’re in your 20s and just want to add some edge to your look, or you’re in your 50s and want to experiment with something new, the pixie mohawk is a great way to do so! The pixie mohawk can be worn by women of all ages.

Pixie Cut With Razor Edge

If you’re looking for a style that’s easy to maintain, razor edge is the way to go. This hairstyle requires very little styling and its short length makes it quick to style in the morning.

These two factors make this hairstyle perfect for women on-the-go! It also has an added benefit of making your hair look longer than it actually is, which means you’ll be able to rock this style even if your hair isn’t as thick or luxurious as others may have.

Short Mohawk Hairstyle For Black Women

A short mohawk hairstyle is a great option for black women with thick hair. This style features an undercut that is shaved on one side, with the rest of your length styled into a mohawk.

The hair on the other side should be shorter than your shorn side, but not shaved completely off.

To get this look, you’ll want to start out by curling your locks into tight ringlets and let them set in rollers overnight to make sure they have plenty of volume when you take them out in the morning.

Then, use pomade (or gel) to tame those curls so they stay in place throughout the day—this will give you that sleek look without having any flyaways!

Next comes cutting time: Shave the sides of your head down as low as possible while still keeping most of what’s left over long enough to pull back into a ponytail at night (if needed).

If you’re feeling adventurous or have really thick locks like me then leave just enough hair up top so it looks like there’s still some length there even though we’re shaving everything else off!

Spiky Mohawk Pixie Hairstyles

A mohawk is a shaved hairstyle for men and women. It is known for its unique shape and spiky texture, which can be achieved with the help of a razor or clippers.

If you’re looking for a short haircut, you might want to consider trying out one of these short mohawks!

If you want your haircut to stand out from the crowd but don’t want it too long, a pixie cut could be right up your alley!

This style works well on most face shapes because it’s both trendy and easy to manage.

A spiky mohawk can also be dyed different colors if desired—just remember that dark colors will show up better than light ones on darker hair types (like black women).

Short Pompadour Faux Hawk

Short hair is trending. It’s easy to maintain, and you can style it in a variety of ways. Plus, short hair is versatile and can be colored in a variety of colors.

Short hair makes you feel fun and young but still lady like!

Voluminous Hair with Fade

This haircut is a mohawk with a fade. It has voluminous hair and curly texture.

The color is copper highlights, which are great for people who want to add some red tones to their look without going too far. This style can be styled into a pompadour or into an up-do for formal occasions.

Cute Copper Fauxhawk On Dark Hair

This is a cute copper fauxhawk on dark hair. The side part and short layers add height to the top of this style, while the rest of the haircut falls down in layers to frame the face.

This style works best with naturally curly or wavy hair that has been straightened out. If you have straight hair, ask your stylist for volumizing products that can add extra bounce.

Classy Short Curly Mohawk For Black Women

This is a very easy to maintain hairstyle. You only need to keep your hair moisturized and preferably use a leave-in conditioner before styling.

The key to this style is having the right products for your hair type, so make sure you consult with your stylist beforehand!

Some things that you may want to consider when selecting this look include whether or not you want to grow out your hair and if so, how long? If not, then consider cutting it as short as possible for maximum impact.

This will ensure that people notice the unique shave pattern on top of your head rather than getting distracted by length elsewhere on it – which would result in an overall less edgy look (and we don’t want that).

Although this particular haircut might not be ideal if you have naturally curly hair because its maintenance requirements are slightly different than straight ones; nevertheless confident black women can pull off any type without much effort whatsoever!

Blonde Feathered Curly Mohawk Updo

If you want to make a bold statement with your Mohawk hairstyle, this one is for you. It takes the classic Mohawk and adds blonde hair dye, curls and feathers to give it an extra dose of flair.

The curly strands are pinned up by using bobby pins that have been painted silver or covered in glitter for extra sparkle.

The hair is then tied back into a ponytail high on top of the head before being pulled through at the end to create an upward curl that covers all of your forehead except for two tiny bangs at each side.

The rest hangs down over your face as a fringe – perfect if you want something fun but not too extreme!


There are plenty of ways to wear a mohawk haircut. You can go for the classic version or get creative with it and try some other types of mohawks as well.

You can choose from long hairstyles or short ones, depending on your preference.

We hope you have enjoyed these hairstyles. If you want a more edgy look for your mohawk, then this list is perfect for you!

There are so many different styles to choose from, so don’t be afraid to experiment with them all until one really speaks to you.

Take some pictures of yourself in front of the mirror and even get feedback from trusted friends or family members before deciding on the haircut that is right for your personality type.



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